Month: November 2018

Fantastic resources: And where to find them.

Hey all, I hope you had an incredible year! Today I want to share something really important with you.  I have been writing for ages but recently became very serious about publishing my book. In order to understand the process of publishing, I began… Continue Reading “Fantastic resources: And where to find them.”

Four things I learned from Emotional agility

Hello there!  Today I am going to talk about another fantastic book that I have recently read.  It’s written by Susan David and is called Emotional Agility.  I first heard of Susan on Lewis Howes Podcast The School of Greatness. I was quickly amazed… Continue Reading “Four things I learned from Emotional agility”

Why changing yourself can be a tough job!

Have you come across people or videos giving you ideas on How to change yourself? How to improve yourself? Of course, they also mention that its hard and it takes time. Recent research shows that our brains are not fixed. Neuroplasticity is the term… Continue Reading “Why changing yourself can be a tough job!”

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