Month: May 2019

Expression is courage…

Hey there! Nice to see you again. Today we speak about courage and daring. When is it that when we speak of courage we think about the soldiers taking a bullet or going behind enemy lines with the knowledge that they would probably never… Continue Reading “Expression is courage…”

Faith and writing

Why do some of us despite of our best efforts fail while others succeed? The answer to that is not simple. Yah, I know people just say they got lucky! No not really, its a combination of certain things and most of all the… Continue Reading “Faith and writing”

Which habits drive you?

‘Your habits will make you or break you.’ These are powerful words, as habits dominate all of our lives from the moment we wake up. They are road maps that define us and what we achieve in our life. Our habits, believe it or… Continue Reading “Which habits drive you?”

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