Writing sequels

As a writer you are always looking for ideas, and most of the writers I know are writing series. These can be three books, six books, hey I also know some who have a 16 books featured around a characters. 

In Dec 2020, I published the first book of the Realm series – Fall of Titan. I have to say I am super excited. Not only was this was first science fiction fantasy, it was received well by my readers and I enjoyed writing it. 

When the idea for Realm came to me it always came to me, I wasn’t sure if I am to write one book or several. However, when I jotted down the enter idea, it became clear that this was a series. 

Writing a series can be a hard job in comparison to writing a standalone novels. Now I am working on the second book in this series. It called – Poseidon and is already on preorder. 

Since I started writing this book, I had to stop and refer back to the first part several times. So, I came up with an idea. I took two to three weeks off from writing, and went back and made detailed notes about all the facts/aspects in the first book. This is important, especially since I will need them to finish the next book. 

Another aspect I had to make sure I included was to fill its the gap between the first and the second books. Most of my fellow writers release books in a series one after other, it’s called the rapid release. However in case of Realm, the first book came out on Christmas Eve 2020, and the second book comes out this Christmas. That is a gap of one year between two books. It dawned on me that the readers who might have read the book as soon as it was released will forget what happened until the second one is released. So, I created a small chapter which gives a quick flashback of book 1 and I presented it in a different way so that the readers do not get bored. 

Here is the snap shot of the first chapter!

I have finished four chapters for book 2 and I should keep everyone updated.

For those who haven’t read the first book you can find it right here!

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