The lure of perfection

If you look at human history, we have been obsessed with perfection. We want the perfect job, perfect wife, perfect book, perfect car, perfect family and friends. The truth is there is no perfection. When we attain something, we are soon bored of it and then seek to do something else.

Is everyone with me?

Same goes for writers, we want to prefect our books. Just like everyone else, I didn’t publish my books because I never thought they were going to be good enough. Honestly I began writing as a hobby. Just for the fun of it, but as years passed I wrote a book called Haunted. Now, this in my view was one of the best plots I had come up with and I worked so hard to make it perfect. Being my first ‘good’ book in my view, I gave it all. I rewrote it seventeen times, I showed and shared it with several of my friends taking their opinions. I got it edited over and over again. Although this was good, it was very bad as well because I didn’t have faith in my own writing. I had to be a writer, so I had to make a decision to include or not to include everyone’s suggestions, but I was naive and I wanted everyone to like my book. To make it perfect.

So, I integrated all the suggestions and completed the book which was about 110 k long. To big for a crime thriller. I was still not satisfied thinking that it was not perfect. So then sent it for a manuscript assessment. Now this was done by a author and editor. Both of them gave it a lot of praise but in their view it had too many action scenes. Too much this. Too much that. And honestly, I was fed up. it had been four years since I had been working on Haunted, and now it was time for it to go. Now it had to go.

There were somethings I did agree with people. one the action scenes were too long. So, I cut them down and made them exciting but not too long. Then there were aspects in the book which didn’t added much to the plot and slowed the book down, I identified them and deleted them. This resulted in a shorter better book. I sent it off to the editor who gave it the final polish.

Haunted was released on the 4th of Nov 2019. Although it was been over an year, I still receive messages from people letting me know about small mistakes. But now it doesn’t bother me. I thank them, correct the mistake if necessary and move on. I know, I have done my best by this book and in my view its done good.

Are you curious about how Haunted is doing?


“This story grabs the reader from the start and never lets go! The process of solving this complicated plot by Cranston, the detective, and the medical examiner takes dark turns–so much so, that the story brushes the edges of the paranormal, but does not take that plunge. Rather, this is a thrilling mystery that is certain to please any fan of the genre!”

“I enjoyed reading this book and couldn’t put it down. The author did an excellent job writing this story and making the characters come to life in this dark, twisted story! The story takes place in New York and in Egypt where the reader is taken on an investigative journey of discovering truth hidden beneath dark lies. A must read!”

“Haunted is a thriller that left me literally the edge of my seat, turning each page in anticipation and craving more. The author leaves no detail left undone and for the first part I felt like I was in a real life game of Clue, trying to figure out who dunnit. Haunted takes its time in the beginning to set up the rich array of well crafted characters before taking us deep into a cerebral space that invokes the supernatural, but is it reality? This is where the world the author creates starts to get more interesting for me, and as an avid reader of supernatural and horror genres, I was loving the interweaving and plot twists the author takes us on. For me, it had the classic film noir tone to it, even though it takes place in the present day. It is a magical mystery of the unknown and a must read.”

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  1. Awesome post, Harbeer! I think as writers, we could continue tweaking our work forever given the chance! I enjoyed Haunted very much and yes, you came up with a fabulous plot! 🙂


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