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Fall of Titan, is the first book in the Realm Saga. It is also the first science fiction fantasy I wrote. Fortunately it has been one of the favorite books, and it has received a lot of love from its readers.


Emmeline Augury, a cadet of astrophysics, believes she has unraveled the key to the mysteries of the universe. A mythical device of immense power that can neutralize the Orias and take humanity to the next level of space exploration.

But her claims are based on a myth, not on science, and winning the interstellar war is imperative. Everyone, including Argon, wants her to help. However, Emmeline defies rules and logic, and follows the clues left by her ancestors to discover plaque, the key to unlocking doors to the seven realms and unearths a part of the mythical device. Before she can celebrate, tragedy strikes hard. She is charged for conspiracy and second degree murder and thrown behind bars by her own people. 

What began as a scientific adventure turns into a manhunt when a fleet of Orias attack Titan and the Queen threatens to slaughter everyone unless she gets the device. Emmeline must make a choice, save Titan or the mythical device. The choice is made, and it will transform her life forever! 

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