Writing, like life is a journey, a journey that should be shared.

‘Employ your time by improving yourself from other men’s writings, so that you may gain easily what others have worked hard for.’ – Socrates.


The way I write or do research has been influenced (bless me!) by many fantastic people. They can be roughly put in group three groups; researchers, authors and mentors. They created their websites, blogged about their hardships, published their work, and from these several different sources I have learned many things. They inspired me in many ways, and now I think its my turn. 🙂

About me

Born and raised in India, I wrote whenever I could, even after I became a doctor. Although it was my Savior in hard times, it always remained a hobby. I moved to Australia to do further research and complete my PhD in Biomedical sciences. People say, ‘you change after you complete your PhD’. I have. Now all of a sudden, (do not ask me why!) I want to write more books, and share my stories. I also enjoy helping people develop their research and creative skills, and this has been the most fulfilling and wonderful experience in life.

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