When I was growing up, I often craved to buy collectable items related to my favorite books. A book mark, a signed author’s copy. When I became an author I decided to create this page so that I can provide an opportunity for all my readers who like collectables (like me!).

Here you will find all my published. An autographed paperback copies is the perfect birthday or Christmas gift for yourself or someone you love.

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Books: Science Fiction


In the twenty-fourth century, a sophisticated security system called the perimeter guards the outer rim of the solar system. Governed by Titan, a powerful space station, the perimeter is almost impenetrable. Emmeline Augury, an astrophysics cadet on Titan, believes in a family folklore about a mythical device with unlimited power. Recognizing its scientific and military value, she uses unorthodox methods to follow a trail of cleverly concealed clues. Her search uncovers an ancient plaque, which reveals a star map of a secret network of portals leading to the device, the key that opens the doors to the seven realms. Suddenly, the key to absolute power is in her grasp, and everyone wants a piece of it, especially the power-hungry Orias queen. What began as a scientific adventure turns into a dangerous manhunt when an Orias fleet attacks Titan. The queen threatens to slaughter everyone unless she is given the device. When the fate of Titan and the seven realms hangs in the balance, Emmeline must make a choice. Will she save her home or the device? The perfect gift for Science Fiction readers.



World War II has forced Zane Carter to become a survivor, a fierce soldier and a godless man whose hands are covered in blood. After a horrendous explosion he finds himself trapped in Nazi-occupied France. With no means of escape, Zane endeavors to stay low, but it is not easy surviving behind enemy lines. Every day he is tormented by the horrors of war, his tumultuous past, and strange visions. He wishes nothing but death. As days pass, Zane discovers that the world around him is not what it appears to be. A dark force, far more dangerous than the Nazis, looms in the shadows. As he begins to put the pieces together, he discovers that he is a soldier fighting more than one war, in a broken world and he is running out of time. If he fails, he could not only lose his life, but also jeopardize the future of Humanity.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Amazon reviewer: I am a huge fan of the World War, so this captures my attention almost immediately. It’s a little slow to get into at first, but after a little while, the story fully captivates you and is worth the read. I was a huge fan of Zane and the symbolic significance he bore throughout the entirety of the book. It’s also a shining light on the extremities soldiers have to go through as Zane realised he couldn’t help everyone. Would definitely recommend!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Amazon reviewer: This took me some time to read. But it was also a great one for sure! I love how the book took place during World War II! One of the most interesting moments in history. I love how science fiction was mixed into this as well. While reading the book there were so many amazing parts. How Zane went through so much through the book. It was amazing how the ending was. Greg needing help, and hoping Zane can be the one. and all Zane could say in the end was, ” I am just a soldier.” After finishing this book all I am wanting now is to read more about these characters, and now on what can happen next!

Mystery Thrillers


Black Moon is the first book written and published by me in 2007. This is the second edition of Black Moon which is a mystery thriller with supernatural twist! When Roumoult Cranston drives to Newburgh to attend a family reunion, a hired assassin awaits him. He survives the attack, but this is only the beginning and the NYPD suspect a malicious murderer is hiring assassins to kill Roumoult. Despite the warnings of his father and the NYPD, Roumoult takes matters into his own hands and discovers a crypt hiding a deadly secret. A secret that links him to the killer, a secret that he would take to his grave. But that’s not all. Roumoult and the killer are descendants of powerful men. Men with murderous intent. Men who would stop at nothing. Roumoult begins to question if he, too, has a killer’s instincts. Before he knows it, he’s aiming a gun at his nemesis and could be hanged for murder.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Amazon Reviewer: H.G. Ahedi write a classic and engaging mystery with a ghostly twist. Cranston is a great character to follow through all the twists and turns this story takes. Check it out!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Amazon Reviewer: Being the first book that I have read of H.G Ahedi, I very much enjoyed the twists and turns. You think you have figured it all out until you haven’t. It is an interesting, well told story which keeps your attention throughout, due to her ability to describe with ease. I do have to admit I did like Roumoult a lot, and the relationship he has with his grandfather Frank. William, Roumoult’s best friend is a likeable character, with many issues including a temper, a lack of a father figure yet is the first to stand beside his best friend when an accident occurs. “Stay low. Stay down. They know what they are doing.” Or do they? If you enjoy a fast paced book, with lots of twists and turns this is for you.


A trap is set. A will is forged in blood A murder is planned Its perfect… until everything goes wrong. Lawyer and businessman, Roumoult Cranston is notorious for solving bizarre cases. For him, the scandalous murder of millionaire playboy Garner Moss by a rich ex-model holds no interest. But fate intervenes when Roumoult becomes a prime suspect and is drawn into the tantalising murder investigation. Suddenly he’s in the spotlight, hassled by the media and scrutinized by NYPD detectives. To make matters worse, in his attempts to solve one murder, he uncovers two more bodies and moves to the top of the suspect list. Frustrated, he wonders if his situation could get any worse. Disaster strikes when Roumoult traces a minor inconsistency in Moss’s life and unlocks a Pandora’s box. The murder investigation turns darker, throwing Roumoult and the NYPD detectives into a race against time.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Amazon Reviewer: This was my first introduction to the Cranston series of mysteries and a delightful find! Roumoult Cranston made for a fascinating character, a lawyer who finds himself pulled into a murder case. There was no love interest in this novel; instead, we get a glimpse at Cranston’s relationships with his father, grandfather, and loyal associates as he deals with a mystery of explosive proportions. I definitely want to read more of Cranston’s adventures!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Amazon Reviewer: What I was surprised by most was the scope of details in the author’s work. I did not really have a clue what to expect, yet the story was engaging and once it began to move along, I felt like I was in a very descriptive episode of a murder mystery show. I love to feel submerged and this author clearly had that talent.


Get all the three mystery thrillers and get 20% discount. The bundle includes: Black Moon, Calculated Murder and Haunted.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Amazon Reviewer: I enjoyed reading this book and couldn’t put it down. The author did an excellent job writing this story and making the characters come to life in this dark, twisted story! The story takes place in New York and in Egypt where the reader is taken on an investigative journey of discovering truth hidden beneath dark lies. A must read!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Amazon Reviewer: As an avid fan of paranormal mystery I went into this story expecting great things, and boy was I in for a surprise as the author more than delivered far past my expectations. From Egypt to New York City the Author pulls you along on a thrill ride of murder, magic, mystery & mayhem that made for a truly enjoyable thrill ride that I cannot recommend highly enough to do it justice.


Get all the three mystery thrillers and get 20% discount. The bundle includes: Black Moon, Calculated Murder and Haunted.


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