If things go wrong… do not go with them!

Our emotions change all the time. Each day feel many different types of emotions. Our emotions can effect the way that we think or perceive certain things or situations. Emotion is defined as a natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one’s circumstances, mood or relationships with others. We all have expressed and felt anContinue reading “If things go wrong… do not go with them!”

Five videos for inspiration and motivation

We all have our little places where we head to seek comfort or inspirations. And during my dark times… when I was uncertain I would reach my goals… I was scared. I developed my own little collections of videos to keep me going! I watch these videos and today I am going to share themContinue reading “Five videos for inspiration and motivation”

What is a your favorite Halloween movie?

Happy Halloween everyone! So when I think of the Halloween movies or series, or stuff I would love to watch on Halloween. Three names occur immediately!                                  Which movies, books or series you read!

You do not need a perfect body… you just need a healthy one!

Here I want to share what I got out of a recent book. As a writer I love to read and its my privilege to share my thoughts and recommend them to you.¬† Recently I finished reading Michelle Bridges book “Make it Happen“   Wow.. The book jumps starts with honest picture of her journey.Continue reading “You do not need a perfect body… you just need a healthy one!”

Don’t you just love dogs!

Research shows that patting and interacting with animals lowers stress and anxiety levels Over 850 healthcare facilities across¬†Australia involve therapy dogs in day-to-day functions.¬†Therapy dogs are becoming more and more common today. For instance,¬†Curtin University has a beautiful dog named George. It loves to be around students, plays with them and is kept on campus.Continue reading “Don’t you just love dogs!”

Public transport with free entertainment! Now that’s Australia!

Don’t you love the people… who love their jobs. I came across one. A train driver. That is rare! The way she announced each station was kind of funny. Her accent, her tone of voice and honestly she tried her best to make everyone laugh! Make our trip enjoyable…And she succeeded. Every time she madeContinue reading “Public transport with free entertainment! Now that’s Australia!”

Can following political figures help you create great characters?

Generally I am do not look much into political affairs. However, recently I have come across people who are working and in fact studying the subject. One thing I have found out, it can be contagious, because, although I may not be a fan of politics recent changes in the ‘picture’ of politics have increasedContinue reading “Can following political figures help you create great characters?”