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Faith and writing

Why do some of us despite of our best efforts fail while others succeed? The answer to that is not simple. Yah, I know people just say they got lucky! No not really, its a combination of certain things and most of all the… Continue Reading “Faith and writing”

For the love of writing!

Everyone has times in their lives when they doubt themselves and then think about where they are at the moment. Something like that happened to me. I began this blog with such an excitement and thought this was going to be great and awesome!… Continue Reading “For the love of writing!”

Five videos for inspiration and motivation

We all have our little places where we head to seek comfort or inspirations. And during my dark times… when I was uncertain I would reach my goals… I was scared. I developed my own little collections of videos to keep me going! I… Continue Reading “Five videos for inspiration and motivation”

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