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Writing my sixth book

For several people 2021 was a highly awaited. There was hope that somehow the pandemic would melt away this year and not haunt us any more. Like everyone I too had this hope. Although the situation is better (I think) the damage done by… Continue Reading “Writing my sixth book”

Quest to publish Haunted -Audio excerpts.

Hello all, Hope you are having a great day! I am super excited to present to you an audio excerpt from my upcoming book. Have a listen and please if you love it, share it! Here is more about the book. Haunted is a #mystery #thriller set… Continue Reading “Quest to publish Haunted -Audio excerpts.”

Confessions of a novelist…

As a writer, its is an exciting time for me. My second book will be out in Nov 2019 and I started a Kickstarter campaign to promote it and also engage my readers. Since I began this venture, I have been asked some questions… Continue Reading “Confessions of a novelist…”

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