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Perks of publishing.

Publishing a book is a huge task, but in today’s date still it is less daunting than it was a decade ago. When I published my first book, I had limited resources and knowledge with no one to support me. Today, we have the… Continue Reading “Perks of publishing.”

Confessions of a novelist…

As a writer, its is an exciting time for me. My second book will be out in Nov 2019 and I started a Kickstarter campaign to promote it and also engage my readers. Since I began this venture, I have been asked some questions… Continue Reading “Confessions of a novelist…”

The quest is on! Post 2

Hello all, Hope you are having a great day! You must have seen my post below and hope you like the graphics… Its for my next book.. Its for my next adventure! Thanks…. Read on! Hi, I am a early writer who is trying… Continue Reading “The quest is on! Post 2”

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