The secrets she keeps. Free chapter of Haunted.

Hello all,

I invite you to read the first chapter of my upcoming book for free. Here is glimpse of the plot!


Haunted is a novel about a vicious and crafty murderer. He haunts and slaughters his victims before disappearing into the thin air. His methods are unorthodox, his motives are unclear and his victims are chosen arbitrarily.

The Cranston team and two seasoned NYPD detectives are working together on the seemingly impossible case. Their investigation is a mixed bag of clues with several dead ends. On the trail of this ruthless killer, the Cranston team stumble on mysterious creatures in the woods that seem to have stepped straight out of mythology. The detectives on the same case encounter suspects who appear to be direct decedents of the devil himself.

READ THE FREE CHAPTER: The secret she keeps

I am running a fundraising campaign (click here) to fuel the publishing of my book. Also it gives my readers an opportunity to be involved in the publication process.

How does it work? Pledge $15, get the ebook. Pledge $25 get the paperback version. People can also donate/pledge for no reward.

Please remember every dollar counts. If I don’t reach my goal the project does not get funded. You won’t be charged a dime until the project reaches its goal. To pledge and buy the book go here

A bit about me….

I live in Australia.  Other than writing, I am one of the biggest fans of research and spend time in creative and academic writing. When I am of my desk, I want to hop on a plane and travel the world. If that is not possible, then I raids the local beaches, parks and walking trails; and most of all I love spending time reading books and drinking coffee. 

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Confessions of a novelist…

As a writer, its is an exciting time for me. My second book will be out in Nov 2019 and I started a Kickstarter campaign to promote it and also engage my readers. Since I began this venture, I have been asked some questions about my book, and I thought it would be a great idea share them with everyone!

1) Could you share with us your thoughts about Haunted?    

Haunted is a book I began four years ago and what amazed me the most was the plot. I had never thought of anything like this before and it was really exciting to realize that I can write such a story. I began a Kickstarter campaign for Haunted because it allowed me to share the book’s journey before it was published. Usually readers see the end product, but I also wanted to share the process with them. 

2) How did you come up with this idea?   

My process for every book is different. I never know when or how I will get an idea. Seriously, I am not joking! My first book ‘Black Moon’ came to me in a dream. Haunted is special and I can’t specifically explain how I got the idea. It jump starts with the old ship buried in the desert on which innocent souls were slaughtered and the person who finds the ship believe the madness isn’t over. And she is right! Once I had the idea, the novel wrote itself.

3) What do you want to share with the backers who pledge for the project? 

First of all, I want to say thank you! Thank you for believing in me and my book. For giving us a chance. I am especially grateful to my friends and family. I really hope you like the book and I wish you would remember that it was because of your contribution and encouragement this book/project came to life.  

4) Do you have any special message to be shared?

The first chapter The secrets she keeps is available online. Check it out! Back this project by preordering the book via pledging @ kickstarter. All donations are welcome which will be funneled into this project and please spread the message. Thanks!  

A bit about me….

I live in Australia.  Other than writing, I am one of the biggest fans of research and spend time in creative and academic writing. When I am of my desk, I want to hop on a plane and travel the world. If that is not possible, then I raids the local beaches, parks and walking trails; and most of all I love spending time reading books and drinking coffee. 

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The best of 21st Century: Social media loves your art


Hello all,

Art is something personal, something you have imagined and you manifest it from your imagination into something physical like a picture, a tool, a machine, a book or a painting.

We like in the wonderful world of social media which is the best communication platform that you can use to reach people who might be interested in your work. Of course you will have some naysayers, but there are lot of people who do appreciate your work and all forms of social media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc can be a good place to start.

Learning from my own experience. As you know that I am in a middle of a crowdfunding endeavour for my book – Haunted. In the last ten days I have discovered that power of social media and how it is helping me getting my book better. Also, most of all how to let people know about your work.

Take this post for instance. It was one of my earlier posts and I was a bit worried about putting it out there since I have never done anything like this before.

Of course it needed a paid boost in the beginning but once it was out there there was no stopping it.

Sharing your work also forces you to think differently. You can’t post the same thing over and over. Innovation is the key. A few days ago I posted the following pictures which are clues to the murder mystery. Just a few weeks ago I wouldn’t have thought of this!

As a artist you have a great opportunity to use social media to your advantage.

Want to know more about what I am up to? Check out the crowd funding endeavour that I am running. Its simple if you pledge you are one of the first people to get the book. There are various options available with more details here:

Happy blogging.

Rebooting your project is not a bad idea.

Wow, this weeks has been a roller coaster ride! 

Last week I launched a kickstarter campaign to publish my book! Hooray! 

There was just one problem… I gave myself to little time. 😦 (yeah I know). 

So I tried to get in touch with the admin people on Kickstarter to extend my project. After forty eight hours of trying I get a reply that if I want to extend my project I have to cancel the current one and create and launch a new one! 

Image result for star trek reboot enterprise
Yes, I am treky and I have love the Star Trek reboot. 🙂

Now, back to my story!

OMG! OMG (this is me throwing tantrums). This I felt was a huge risk? Why? Because I already had five backers. In other words my campaign had just gained some traction and of course if I cancelled the project I could lose them.

It was really risky, but I didn’t think I could reach my goal of 2500 dollars in 22 days! No way! So I reached out to my backers and explained the situation to them. 

You know what I discovered. People truely care for you and they understand. They understood! I am so grateful and lucky to have such people support my campaign. 

I worked hard for the next twenty four hours, created the new campaign, cancelled the old one and started from the beginning! You know what happened? Out of the blue, I got a new backer who pledge a very generous amount. I was in tears… and I couldn’t contain my happiness. Yes all my previous backers are back again… but still I had someone new, someone who believed in me and was ready to pledge. Ready to support me. It has been a lovely experience and I wanted to share it with you. 

Image result for support

Want to know more about my campaign to publish my book? Please go to… 

Hey, if you pledge you are one of the first people to get the book as soon as it comes out. Yes, every pledge has a reward and you won’t be charged a dime until I reach my goal. 

Click here to find out more:

Have a lovely day!

Quest to publish Haunted- Post 3

Today I am going to share with you what a few of my beta readers/proof readers say about the book. Hope you like the poster!

A bit of a back story. I am running a campaign to fund Haunted’s publishing. It’s all or no go. Meaning if I don’t reach my goal the campaign doesn’t get funded. Yes its a challenge, and thankfully I have got a few backers. To read the complete story please go to
I hope you like the graphics! Thanks in advance!

Now back to my early readers. I thank them for working with me towards developing my craft and here is what they had to say about the book! I love these guys!

Intrigued? Please pledge and bring this project to life.

If you feel this project is not for you, no worries. Thank you for being here!

Have a lovely day.

The quest is on! Post 2

Hello all,

Hope you are having a great day! You must have seen my post below and hope you like the graphics…

Its for my next book..

Its for my next adventure!


Read on!

Hi, I am a early writer who is trying to publish her book. After many (disappointing) attempts to get my book published traditionally, I am now turning towards self publishing and I have began a crowdfunding venture for the same. To bring this dream of mine to life I seek help from you because this crowd funding is all or none. Meaning if I don’t reach the goal of $2500 the project will not be funded. Please back my project @

I hope you like the graphics! Thanks in advance!

Are you ready to write?

Hey all, thinking of writing a book… GREAT! AWESOME! Its the best thing in the world… now get ready.

First thing… write, write and write. It doesn’t matter how good or bad it is. This no time to judge. Its time to write.

Second, light editing. Yeah, I know people would say do not send your work without deep editing. I do not agree. I would say send it after light editing because then when you get feedback, you can go in deep.

Third… feedback.. is so important. It’s the key to everything. But it also depends on who is giving you feedback. Be careful otherwise you will be running in circles.

Fourth… rewrite. Yes, I prefer to rewrite after feedback because I get the time away from my book and also there are a number of comments or amends you need to make. Remember.. use the constructive feedback… and leave the criticism behind.

One more final thing… keep a journal about your journey while writing your story… it really helps.

Happy blogging.

A quick peek inside my upcoming book…

Hey all,

I have put together a fundraiser to publish my book. I want to publish it on my own accord and want to bring my project on life. I created this video  for all my readers, backers and future fans to give them an insight into what they are contributing.

Your contribution can and bring this project to life. If I don’t reach my goal, the project will not be funded! So please support.

Are you intrigued yet?

Please support this project @


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