Are you ready to write?

Hey all, thinking of writing a book… GREAT! AWESOME! Its the best thing in the world… now get ready.

First thing… write, write and write. It doesn’t matter how good or bad it is. This no time to judge. Its time to write.

Second, light editing. Yeah, I know people would say do not send your work without deep editing. I do not agree. I would say send it after light editing because then when you get feedback, you can go in deep.

Third… feedback.. is so important. It’s the key to everything. But it also depends on who is giving you feedback. Be careful otherwise you will be running in circles.

Fourth… rewrite. Yes, I prefer to rewrite after feedback because I get the time away from my book and also there are a number of comments or amends you need to make. Remember.. use the constructive feedback… and leave the criticism behind.

One more final thing… keep a journal about your journey while writing your story… it really helps.

Happy blogging.

A quick peek inside my upcoming book…

Hey all,

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Expression is courage…

Hey there! Nice to see you again.

Today we speak about courage and daring. When is it that when we speak of courage we think about the soldiers taking a bullet or going behind enemy lines with the knowledge that they would probably never see their families again.

But I think people are courageous everyday. A mother who decides to raise a child on her own. A man who speaks up for himself or for someone else. The act to stand up in front of an audience and speak even though you hate public speaking. Finding a new job although that might mean stepping out of your comfort zone. Writers are courageous for sharing their ideas and putting them out there.

Most of the time we fear that our work/craft may not be good enough but how do you perfect your work? I was listening to a podcast of one of the guys who is the best in making videos about radical ideas. The first thing he said that he ‘sucked’ at it but he never gave up. He kept working, perfecting it that doesn’t mean that he didn’t fail. He admitted to failing all the time but yet every time he failed he thought it perfected or nearly perfected his work.

There is no such thing as perfection, and it takes courage to put your work out there. Writers for me are one of the most courageous people I know. They know that when they try to put your work out there is a high possibility of criticism, people might laugh at them and point out their mistake and most of all they might think their book is not good. Learning from great writers like Stephen king who saved every rejection letter he got and used it fuel his work.

Most of the people bury their flaws and their stories and take them to the grave, but writers are the ones who shares them knowing that it is not going to make everyone happy. It’s a way to express what they are, who they were and what they become? They are the alchemist who have learned how to make gold by using small pieces of lead handed over to them by life.

So, are you an alchemist yet? 😉

Faith and writing

Why do some of us despite of our best efforts fail while others succeed? The answer to that is not simple. Yah, I know people just say they got lucky! No not really, its a combination of certain things and most of all the caliber of faith and the determination to keep going no matter what.

Today, I was scrolling through the audible app on my iphone and I saw the extensive number of books and creative art of other people. Some of them were for me others weren’t but that didn’t matter. I or you are not meant to read everything. We go after things that we think are valuable to us or interesting to us. What I saw was amazing? I just loved how many people were sharing their own stories. It was so encouraging!

How did they do it? Did everyone believe in them? No. Not really. Most of the stories you read the author fought their way through desperation, struggled for years and then got to where they were. The best well-known writers have spend years in the darkness, and fought every internal and external demon to finish their books. How did they do it? Didn’t they feel like giving up? Of course they did, but they knowingly or unknowingly used a tool… called faith.

Give it a thought. If you didn’t have faith in yourself, would you write? No. Having faith in themselves and their craft gave these writers the strength to rise up, and do something because they knew that one day they will be successful. What gives a artist motivation to shoot video after video even though no one watches it… faith that one day they will succeed or make a difference. What gives you to strength to write draft after draft of your book and you never give up? Simple, faith in their ability to figure things out. Faith that you will complete it, make it as good as you can!

But where you and I haven’t give up but not everyone is like that. After several rejections several people give up because they believe they are not good enough, they have no support, people tell them they are not good writers, publishers and those in the industry don’t support their craft.

It is our job, the people who have faith to share our experiences with those who have given up or lost their way. We don’t have to draft their path for them but we can tell them that we believe in them… and they can do it. That is all sometimes what someone needs to hear. They just need someone to say, “You can do it… it wont be easy… but you can.” They may not get on it immediately, but its always good to have someone who believes in you.

So do you think faith defines your path?

Which habits drive you?

‘Your habits will make you or break you.’

These are powerful words, as habits dominate all of our lives from the moment we wake up. They are road maps that define us and what we achieve in our life. Our habits, believe it or not also help us save time and energy – provided you develop them well and integrate them into your life.

So what are the habits of successful people- there are several but the major include persistence, resilience, patience (yes!), skill development and most of all designing new habits.

Successful people design or invent habits that are in alignment with their goals. So, if you are writing a book, want to finish that project, or you want to move up the ladder – make sure that whatever you are doing helps you get there. Eighty percent of your time during the next six months should be designed to achieve your goals, and you can do this by altering your habits bit by bit. Now your goals can be personal, professional or spiritual – it doesn’t matter. All you have to do is pick up two from each category and identify which habits could help you get what you want.

So how do you develop habits that help you reach the next level? As always, we all begin with a list. Develop a list of habits that you have (with no judgement). Doesn’t matter if they are good or bad.

You might also have some great habits. Like writing at least 500 words every day or preparing meals for the next day. On the other hand, if you have the habit to returning from work and watching TV for hours and then have trouble sleeping. It’s obvious it will not help you but you are probably doing it because it gives you some comfort (not that there is anything wrong with it!). Comparing these two habits, if you could reduce your TV time by an hour and use that hour for writing, your book will finish faster and you might sleep well.

The thing is, always start small. If you decided to just not watch TV for the entire week, it probably wont work because that is what you could say a reward for all your hard work. Also, it is where your mind wants to switch off and not face all the things that might be bothering you. Thus, making small changes are more likely to stick.

So the question you should ask, what habits are driving me and how can I change them? Pick the one that is most relevant to you, and begin with that.

Happy reading! Hope this helps. Drop a line or let me know what you think!

Oh boy, Its April already!

It is a surprise how day after day just passes by and you suddenly realize that you are half way through the year.

Usually, we tend to keep a good track of the year. You know, set goals, then set up steps to achieve them. Usually,  we also seem to sometimes handle our goals effectively while on the other hand, we scream or cry about the obstacles we face. 😉 Yeah we all do that. 

I have to admit this year has been different. It feels different. For me at least. I started with a pretty solid picture in my mind… but now when I look back I feel I have not got to where I wanted be. In fact, I felt I have swayed away from my goals. I realized it yesterday when I was chatting with a friend and she suddenly mention

“Do you believe it, its April, already!”

Image result for april

So today morning I started asking myself why did this happen? Did I really sway away from my goals? I am usually more organised that this and easily hit targets. What went wrong? I used reverse psychology.

Every writer I know (and you know) has a full time job. I took an hour and cross-checked all my goals and whatever extra work I might have done.

When it came to my job – overall, I seemed to have done pretty well. I had attained all goals, worked well with my team and other stakeholders. So when I saw that I had done what I needed to do by April…half of my stress was gone. 

Then I focused on my manuscript, which I had been working on to shorten and edit. Here, I noticed that I was procrastinating. The process had taken me longer than I thought and well then of course the fact remained that I am still going through the 17th revision of my book. And of course all the rejections from the agents did not help either. So, I put this as ‘half success’ as I have done most of the work.

But in comparison to last years, instead of ‘putting myself down’ I said to myself – hey I have gone this far and its near the end. I had to remind myself that in the end, while things did not happen when I wanted them to happen, but things were well. Again it did not feel that bad. It was not perfect but hey life is not perfect! 

Then I cross checked my personal goals – although I hadn’t lost all the weight I wanted, I was regularly going to gym and was pretty physically active. I had good positive and supportive friends and family. My relationships were healthy. I was taking care of my physical and emotional well being. 

So, by the end of four months – I had done at least 80% of the work. I was still sane. 😉 I was still writing, have a good job and great friends. Life was not too bad and of course, I have 8 months to adjust my goals. 🙂 

So if you are worried that the first quarter of the year is gone and you have done nothing, check facts before you worry. Usually, you will feel pretty good about yourself. 

Happy writing! Happy life! 

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Do writers need validation?

Today the question we raise is, do writers need validation? Yes, like everything it can be good and bad. But belief is more powerful than validation.

When we start writing a book we are eager to please people. We want everyone to love it. The publishers to accept it and we want everyone to read and enjoy it. In one word, we want ‘validation.’ There is nothing wrong with that. As human beings we all need validation from our friends, partners, spouses or family. Its a human need.

Image result for writers feedback

But till what end? Pleasing everyone will get you no where!

If you are a writer, and you feel you have a book in you. Of course, take courses, develop the skills, get beta readers and talk with mentors. Write the first draft and develop it.

Nevertheless – beware. The more people that get involved in your book the more issues could come up. Someone may not like a character you wrote? Other may comment on your style. Someone else might thing the story does not have a surprise ending or the plot is rather simple. While feedback can be great, it can also damage your work. Ever heard of too many cooks spoil the food?

In order to please everyone, and get ‘it right’ you might write draft after draft after draft – then again either submit it to the agent or your beta readers and still they may not like it. You get stuck in a loop which never stops. Ultimately, after many years you realized – this is not the story I wanted to write.

Feedback can be great but you have to remember its your story. Of course get a editor. Get rid of the grammatical mistake. Of course try and work with people who help you develop your writing style. But that is it.

Write. Be proud. Get feedback, but do not crave for validation. You don;t need it. Just open the book, and look at what you created. What you can create. 🙂

Happy writing!!

Just a kind reminder…

The day is bright and the light comes through your window- what does it tell you? Its another day, another bright and lovely day for you to love and cherish and make waves. Another path to forge, another chapter to write, another lunch to make, another beach to go. Just one more task, just one more kiss, just one more mile… and then you will get where you want to. But is that true?

It life the journey or the destination? We strive and work everyday to attain certain things or goals in life and we think when we reach our goals that is when we will be happy. But isn’t it true that once we reach or get something we have our eyes set on another set of goals. It is true isn’t it… the life is not the destination but the journey.

Just a reminder, while you are making waves do not forget to surf. While you are completing tasks do not forget to internalize your success. While you are running of to work do not forget to give love to your wife and children for whom you toil. While you are struggling with writers block do not forget, at least you attempting. While you scream at someone or judge someone, remember you might be losing a friend for life… because people never forget how you made them feel.

Just a reminder… what matters most in the end??

Apply this technique and generate the first draft of your book in 48 Hours!!

As writer I am always looking for ways where I could finish my books as quickly as possible. We all know in the real world this does not happen, because writing a book does take time. Not to say the time it takes to edit and reedit or rewrite scenes. But what if you could finish your book in 48 hours! Sounds unbelievable! To incredible! I thought that too, and then I read the Ultimate 48 hour Author (The Ultimate Author), a book which is freely available online. 

Yes this is a book review, and I feel that this is worth a short especially for people who chaotic schedules. Believe me I know how tough it is to finish that FIRST draft, and how thrilling it is to see it all done. What if you could do it in just a weekend?

Read on! 

What I liked about the book was it tells you that you should plan first (which I think all authors should do!). So, it recommends six weeks of planning and thorough research about your book. It emphases on creating an outline for each chapter. Then you have to choose a weekend. A weekend where you go alone and away from any kind of distractions. This can be at a near by hotel, or anywhere you know no one will disturb you for 48 hours.

Now we all are humans, and not expected to work 48 hours so how does this work.? Simple. You dictate the entire story or novel. Since, you would have already done the research and the your outlines of the chapters; it should not an issue. Just like when you type in your story according to your outline, you dictate the novel as per your outline. Now, if you are aiming for a big book which is around 90,000 words, lets be real, you may not be able to complete it. But I like the idea that if I could finish 50,000 words in a weekend! That would be a great accomplishment! 

The book does outline the challenges you could face, like losing your voice or falling ill, but it also in my view gives a fantastic idea. I think if you want to use the method, read the book. Its not very long or technical. 

About dictation, although Dragon is a most common and highly recommended dictation software. Even Dictation in Mac could work. These software’s are good but, I feel are prone to a lot of errors, have to be trained and annoy authors (like me) when we reread our script. But you can use these if you are already used to them.  So I kind of like the authors idea! To get your recorded first draft transcribed by a third party! Transcribing it by a third party does not mean that it would be error free, but much better than a software. But of course, this is my view. Others might prefer a software. 

In summary, do research, pick a weekend (if possible long weekend), go away and record your entire book or partial book using your own computer. If you have a Mac, its a win win situation! And the final step is to get it transcribe! I assume its good to get the first draft out of you, then you can work on the second.. third… etc. 

If you want to know more and read the book!

The Ultimate Author

Have a good day! 



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